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Common Grace Diaspora
From 1998 to 2008, CGM

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moving Through the Room of Jello

Dear God;
moving within a new place is hard
even if i believe i'm supposed to be here
we're to be here
i am afraid


  1. sister:
    since our paths crossed, i believe the level of light that has crawled its way through the cataracted lens of my soul has increased a shade or two. one of the shades has to do with being known. there is a driving force in us all to be known; i.e., understood, embraced, received, accepted, loved, heard, affirmed, etc.i am finding out that i really don't know very many people, myself included. but it is an increasing comfort to know that i am fully known with all the connotations of that word. only the one who loves fully can know truly. sister, you are KNOWN! so, keep on getting to know these fellow travelers you keep bumping into. this world is all about introductions. in the world to that's when the real story begins...
    under grace,


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